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December 18, 2017

When you Think Permeable Paving, … Think QSM & TrueGrid®

Three years ago, when we first laid eyes on the TRUEGRID® permeable paving system, we knew we had found a remarkable solution for construction projects across Louisiana.

Not only is the TRUEGRID® system a simple, permeable paving building block for the real world, it provides long-term benefits to property owners thanks to its durability, and superior stormwater management properties.

Since the first TRUEGRID® installation in New Orleans, QSM has worked with contractors, engineers, architects, and property owners to deliver dozens more installations across the state.


And now, … our latest: We’ve delivered TRUEGRID® on two high-profile projects both in Orleans parish: the new Ruby Slipper Café HQ building on Broad Street, and The Palmisano Group main office building on Tchoupitoulas St.

In both cases, property owners asked for TRUEGRID® by name. It complies with the city’s comprehensive zoning ordinance (CZO), and it allows contractors to complete projects where sustainability and stormwater management are key components.

TRUEGRID at The Ruby Slipper

Homegrown brand, The Ruby Slipper, is moving across Mid City from its original S. Cortez St. location to 315 Broad St. (near Banks). It’s an ambitious undertaking, but one local residents have come to expect from a company known for it’s commitment to excellence and measured growth.

Erich Weishaupt said they felt they needed a larger home base as the company grows and they found a property in New Orleans with great potential. In addition to The Ruby Slipper’s four New Orleans locations, the Weishaupt’s have Ruby Slipper restaurants in Baton Rouge, Orange Beach, AL, and Pensacola, FL.

The two-story, 10,000-square-foot Broad Street building dates from 1951. The property includes nearly an acre of undeveloped land that the Weishaupt’s are putting to interesting use.

“The front faces Broad Street,” says Weishaupt. “But our focal point will be on the back side of the building where we’ve built a green space and an innovative parking lot.”

permeable paving system - truegrid pavers ruby slipper broad street new orleansPart of the lot and the grass area were built using the TRUEGRID® permeable paving system, supplied by QSM. This system was designed and installed for better water management, and the rear of the building serves as the main entrance.

What sets this TRUEGRID® installation apart from the others is what you can’t see. Beneath the paving system, there’s 22-inches of aggregate base material. As such, the TRUEGRID® system is used as a means of stormwater detention for the entire property.

“I had seen TRUEGRID® at Parkway Bakery,” says Erich. “And, we wanted to do something like that at our restaurants. This permeable paving system fits perfectly with what the city is trying to do. We knew we didn’t want to add a mass of concrete to the property, and TRUEGRID® felt like the perfect solution.”

The new building more than doubles seating capacity from the original location, and also features a private event space and commissary kitchen.

Weishaupt says the TRUEGRID® paving system isn’t the only “green” initiative they’ve implemented at the new location. “We installed a special cardboard bailer that will allow us to take waste from other locations, compress, and recycle through Broad Street. This will reduce our trash pickup by half.”

“As a company we want to be attuned to sustainable building practices and show responsibility for the environment,” says Erich. “TRUEGRID® is environmentally friendly, and we think it’s a great fit for our needs at the new Mid City location.”

To see TRUEGRID® in action, visit The Ruby Slipper Café at 315 Broad St. in New Orleans.

permeable paving system - truegrid permeable mid city new orleans

Woodward Design + Build served as general contractor, and Twin Shores provided landscape architecture, including the installation of the permeable paving system.

TRUEGRID at Palmisano Group Headquarters

The Palmisano Group is near completion on its new 30,000 square foot headquarters in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans.

Located at 1730 Tchoupitoulas St., the building will be home to more than 100 employees. In addition to office space, the building features an employee lounge and cafe, an outdoor terrace, and a gym.

The site sits adjacent to the planned $2 billion “Trade District”, and close to the convention center.

Eskew+Dumez+Ripple was the lead architect, Morphy Makofsky, Inc., served as structural engineers.

permeable paving system palmisano group new orleans - truegridPalmisano used TRUEGRID® for parking spaces in the back of the building. Ordering more than 6,500 square-feet from QSM.

Said Jason Bergeron, a project manager with Palmisano, “the product is easy to work with. We deployed base material one day, leveled the ground, then installed the permeable pavers atop that. After installing the parking dots to denote each space, we’ll spread the top layer of rock and it settles into itself — as simple as that. It makes for fully functional parking area that helps with rain water. You won’t see any puddles on these parking spaces.”

Palmisano, one of New Orleans leading commercial contractors, is keen to deploy innovative construction solutions in its building projects. TRUEGRID® served the needs to bring on-site stormwater management and permeable paving to its own headquarters, … now it serves as a showcase for future projects where permeable paving and stormwater mitigation are a focus.

Said Palmisano’s Brett Ruppel, “the TRUEGRID® product looks good, we achieved some cost-savings over concrete, and it meets with Article 23 (in the city’s CZO). It’s a really cool product.”

To order TRUEGRID® for your next project, call QSM at 855-469-2015.

permeable paving system - palmisano group new orleans. truegrid #2

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