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Turf Reinforcement & Parking

Made in the USA. The world’s strongest permeable paver — grass or gravel filled for a natural appearance. Attain storm water retention and 100% land use with TRUEGRID® — an ideal solution for home parking, driveways, and walkways on your property.

Use an eco-friendly paving alternative to concrete and asphalt that provides stability and storm water detention. Use TRUEGRID to reduce flooding, stop rutting, and to prevent erosion by providing structure for ground stabilization. Park/drive on the TRUEGRID surface and detain water underneath.

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Look to QSM and Typar for turf and yard protection with well known products such as TurfProtecta and GrassProtecta.

TYPAR Turfprotecta turf reinforcement mesh is an extruded plastic mesh for the protection, stabilization and reinforcement of grass and turf for pedestrian, light vehicle and occasionally trafficked applications. Turf reinforcement mesh stabilizes the grass by allowing the grass to interlock with the plastic mesh structure creating a strong reinforced grassed surface.  TurfProtecta  grass protection mesh is ideal for pedestrian and light vehicle use.

GrassProtecta™ grass reinforcement mesh is a thick plastic mesh supplied on a roll that is installed directly onto existing grass to protect, reinforce and stabilize the grass against damage caused by traffic (pedestrians and vehicles.) Grass protection mesh protects grass that is prone to wear, rutting and muddy surfaces. GrassProtecta reinforces the grass for vehicle traffic (car and trucks) or for pedestrian paths and walkways.

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