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AWT Technologies is your wastewater treatment specialists. AWT Technologies designs and manufactures advanced wastewater treatment systems which use biological treatment processes to remove pollutants and impurities resulting in a high quality treated effluent. AWT’s team of engineers and scientists offer the best possible treatment systems and technical expertise to clients around the world. Represented in Louisiana, Mississippi, and the Florida panhandle by QSM — AWT Technologies makes the promise, “there is no project too small or too large.”

With products such as ASBR (Advanced Sequencing Batch Reactor)CBR Packaged Wastewater Treatment and BIOWORKS® Wastewater Treatment System — AWT & QSM share a proven track record of excellence in a wide range of both municipal and industrial applications from small communities such as trailer parks with as little as 5,000 gallons per day (20 m3/dto large communities such as Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities with as much as 50 million gallons per day (190,000 m3/d).

A complete wastewater treatment package gives our clients a clear solution.

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