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October 02, 2017

Contech Detention System Installed at Ryder in Jefferson Parish

Construction began in August, 2017 on a new parking lot at Ryder Trucking near the Huey P. Long Bridge in Jefferson Parish. The area — approximately 150,000 sq. ft. — is being paved as part of an expansion for the Ryder fleet. A Contech detention system played a big role at this development.

As part of the project, a stormwater detention system was needed to handle the increased runoff resulting from the newly paved expanse. Engineers designed a large diameter system, and QSM provided a cost-effective solution that satisfied project requirements.

QSM delivered a stormwater detention system comprised of corrugated metal pipe (CMP). The system, manufactured by Contech Engineered Solutions, is built from 1,400 LF of 36-inch polymer-coated, corrugated metal pipe.


This solution reduced material lead time, and provided significant material savings on the project.

The contractor, Palmisano Group, turned to QSM and Contech for assistance with layout, manufacturing, logistics, and supply of the detention system.

After initial review of the project plans and specifications, QSM recommended polymer coated  corrugated metal pipe with Dow Chemical’s TRENCHCOAT™ patented coating.

Contech detention system - trenchcoat polymer coating - QSM photoQSM also supplied junctions, bands, inlets and fittings. This enabled the contractor to lay the system as if it were any other piece of pipe — joining adjacent pipe stubs with the same band mechanism and the entire system was installed in a short amount of time.

Palmisano’s Matt Oprea said, “Working with QSM went smooth, we had a good delivery schedule, and we were able to keep up with our targeted project schedule to install the system. The CMP structure is easy to work with, and easy to install.”

This Contech detention system is projected to provide a service life in excess of 75 years.

TRENCHCOAT™, the polymer coating adhered to the pipe, is a patented, protective film made by Dow Chemical. It’s been cited in a study by the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association (NCSPA) as the best performing polymer coating product for protecting corrugated metal pipe. The polymer, which can be applied to corrugated steel pipes and structural steel plates, is designed as a two-layer adhesive film. It offers corrosion and abrasion protection, and is laminated on the inside and outside of galvanized steel for storm drain and culvert system applications.

TRENCHCOAT™ Protective Film provides long-term durability, structural integrity and hydraulic capacity. It  combines the lightweight and high strength characteristics of galvanized CMP with the chemical resistance and toughness of polymer technology. The coating bonds physically and chemically to galvanized steel.

Contech detention system - palmisano group with QSM. QSM photoOnsite stormwater detention systems are a common requirement in today’s urban and suburban construction projects. Using Contech’s CMP detention systems is a cost effective alternative to traditional culverts and concrete pipe. The protective coating, provided with TRENCHCOAT™, serves as an economical option that helps reduce maintenance costs and extend the timeframe before pipe replacement.

Are you looking to put a detention system on your next project? Call QSM and ask about the solutions we have available. From small-size lots in tight urban corners, to large-scale developments in suburban, but flood-prone areas, QSM has a wide range of detention, retention and infiltration systems for every need. Call 855-469-2015 and ask QSM about stormwater management solutions.

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