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October 02, 2017

HaTelit® Asphalt Underlay Installed on St. Tammany Parish Road Resurfacing

Nothing sticks to bitumen better than bitumen! That is why QSM provided Huesker’s HaTelit® asphalt underlay on a project in St. Tammany parish. The product incorporates a coating with a bitumen content of up to 60%. Manufactured by Huesker, HaTelit® is used for asphalt reinforcement.

Barriere Construction used five reels of HaTelit® asphalt underlay on a resurfacing project at Woodland Dr. in Covington. This is the first time HaTelit® was installed in St. Tammany parish, and it marks only the fourth time the product has been deployed in the state of Louisiana. Engineers say use of the underlay grid fabric makes good sense.

The use of Huesker’s HaTelit® asphalt underlay provides a significant extension in pavement performance. HaTelit® reduces annual maintenance costs, mitigates the effects of cracking in pavement, and thus extends the intervals between major rehabilitation and restoration projects.


A Flexible Grid for High-performance and Durability in Asphalt Layers

HaTelit® comprises a reinforcement grid made from high-modulus polyester yarn with an ultra-lightweight nonwoven backing. Proven by its more than 40-year track record, HaTelit® offered a highly durable and cost-effective solution that helps asphalt surfaces withstand long-term dynamic loads.

Chief attributes include:

  • Optimum retardation of reflective cracking
  • Maximum resistance to installation damage
  • High resistance to long-term dynamic traffic loads
  • No loss of strength due to moisture

In this project, St. Tammany Parish engineers specified HaTelit® for use on an asphalt resurfacing job. Barriere Construction — Louisiana experts in asphalt construction and roadway repairs — milled the surface, prepped the underlay, and installed HaTelit® before rolling out fresh asphalt.

HaTelit® asphalt underlay paving - road construction - QSM photoThe grid fabric installs quickly and easily, taking just minutes to roll a full spool. Thanks to the bitumen emulsion coating, the fabric sticks flat to the underlying surface, and within minutes is ready for the application of the new layer of asphalt.

Huesker and QSM made a lunch and learn presentation to St. Tammany Parish earlier this year to extol the benefits of the HaTelit® reinforcement grid. St. Tamanny’s engineers were impressed, and decided to place the grid on at least two projects. This is the first installation in St. Tammany.

Do you have roadways, taxiways, and asphalt surfaces in your parish or town in need of repair? Are you looking for a way to minimize maintenance costs, and lengthen the amount of time between restoration / resurfacing projects? Then call QSM and ask about our line of HaTelit® reinforcement and rehabilitation products — an ideal solution to prevent against reflective cracking.

Call 855-469-2015 and ask about Huesker at QSM.

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HaTelit® Asphalt Underlay Installed on St. Tammany Parish Road Resurfacing

Nothing sticks to bitumen better than bitumen! That is why QSM provided Huesker’s HaTelit®…

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